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You can do a million things with data, but what are the few data and analytics that will drive the most value for you? That’s what we help you define by looking at your desired customer experience and business goals. Only then, we start deep-diving into the information, analytics and data that will best support you. This way, we ensure focus, relevancy and the pursuit of business value.

We understand that getting value from data is not only an analytical challenge, but also depends on your organization’s ability to humanize, organize and culturize a data-informed way of working. It’s about inspiring and empowering people to make better decisions with data. Our approach has been specifically designed to help you do that.

Think big. Start small.
Our proven approach consists of four phases.
Envision Explore what’s possible
Design Define what success looks like
Implement Work data−informed
Embed Uncover your full potential
PHASE 1 Envision Explore what’s possible.
  • WE START WITH Work sessions We visit your office, listen to your ambitions, learn about the context and explore potential PRIME solutions based on your needs, maturity and data availability.
  • IF DESIRED, WE LOOK AT RELEVANT Best practices By looking at inspiring best practices, we stimulate fresh ideas and new perspectives that help to define relevant application areas for data and analytics.
  • TO HELP YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT Scope Together with you, we create a focused project plan with a clear definition of goals, activities, stakeholders and expected benefits. We suggest to think big, but start small.
PHASE 2 Design Define what success looks like.
  • A DIVERSE AND COLLABORATIVE Team Our experienced team consists of business consultants, data scientists, designers and IT developers, helping you to connect the dots between these different fields of work.
  • TAKES A LOOK AT YOUR Customer needs We make sure that data and analytics are delivering customer value by analyzing customer needs and journeys. Our team can help you validate them if needed.
  • TO HELP SPECIFY Business needs Your organizations’ vision, strategy, goals (KPIs) and key workflows are essential input, as we want to make sure that our solutions are generating business value.
  • VISUALIZE Decision needs Based on all input, we design dashboard mock ups that will show you the aggregated insights and actions that will enable PRIME users to make better decisions.
  • AND IDENTIFY THE UNDERLYING Information needs At this stage, we define the underlying reports that ‘feed’ into the dashboards and will allow PRIME users to deep-dive into specific dashboards elements.
  • WE USE ADVANCED Analytics techniques Next, we identify the required analytics models by leveraging our pre-defined solutions or building new models that make use of statistical inference or machine learning techniques.
  • AND ONLY THEN ASSESS THE Data requirements Finally, we assess the required data, frequency and flows. In parallel, we prepare a scalable, cloud environment that fits your data and technology needs.
PHASE 3 Implement Work data-informed.
  • WE CONNECT AND STREAMLINE Data The internal and external data is connected to the PRIME platform. We use our advanced cleaning algorithms and data quality reports to ensure data reliability.
  • AND TAILOR THE PRIME platform We configure the cloud-based PRIME platform in line with the design of phase 2. We analyze the data, prepare the dashboards, install features (e.g. filters) and personalize widgets.
  • TO PREPARE FOR PEOPLE On-boarding The first users are invited to use PRIME and are offered an on-boarding tutorial that explains the key features of PRIME. In addition, we provide a range of support materials, so that each user can decide what works best for him or her. Nice and easy.
  • AND THE MOMENT OF Go-live The moment you’ve been waiting for! Start to play with the data, monitor dashboards and generate new insights. We use gamification techniques to keep users inspired.
  • IF REQUIRED, WE ARE READY TO Support In case of questions, we are available to help you out. Depending on your needs, we can provide real-time support via the PRIME platform and organize on-site training sessions.
  • AND OPTIMIZED YOUR EXPERIENCE BASED ON Feedback We continuously gather user feedback and organize periodic evaluation sessions with PRIME users to share lessons learned and optimize the PRIME platform if needed.
PHASE 4 Embed Uncover the full potential.
  • ALWAYS TRACK THE Benefits Use the PRIME platform to track benefits that have resulted from working data-informed. For example, increases in brand awareness, sales, customer satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.
  • TO HELP UPSCALE Success Build momentum by communicating your success, turning first users into ambassadors and upscaling to other parts of the organization.
  • AND EMBED A DATA-INFORMED Way of working Enable your entire organization to make better decisions with data. Adopt new solutions, extend the PRIME platform to other business domains or explore data partnerships with external parties in your value chain.
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