Front End Engineer Pristina, Kosovo Posted: 22 August 2018

FRONT-END Engineer @ Pristina Office, Amsterdam Based start up | Help build the leading analytics platform of the future | REACT OR ANGULAR, JS, CSS3, HTML5

Why work with us?
  • Fast growing big data and analytics company with a solid track record at clients.
  • High focus on personal development, collaboration and fun.
  • Be part of a diverse team with other developers, data scientists and business professionals to change the world of big data and analytics.
  • Work in an environment with leading-edge technology, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Have access to the latest knowledge and newest technology due to our partnership with leading Universities and in-market experts.
Who we are?

PRIME is a tech start-up with a mission! We are building the leading analytics platform of the future that helps large companies (our clients) to stay on top of their game in a world that is increasingly data-driven. We make this happen by providing our clients with valuable (business) insights via our very own analytics platform. Among other things, we generate nifty reports, perform advanced analysis and enable the discovery of innovative solutions. We strongly believe that true success lies in ’empowering people’ and therefore put personalization, intuitive design and making difficult things look easy at the heart of everything we do

We have a professional, progressive culture, in which ambition, intrinsic motivation and cooperation are our key values. We are transparent, innovative and challenge each other to achieve maximum results. Last but not least, we consider work and play as two sides of the same coin and believe in having some serious fun!

What will you be doing and learning?
What your typical day at the office would look like? There is one simple answer to that question: There is no such thing as a typical day! Of course, we’re working agile, such as sprint planning, refinement and review sessions, but you are the master of your own work schedule.

Let’s say you are working on a sprint item to implement a very cool new feature that will allow our customers to create competitive advantage with the use of their data. During the refinement session you had a great idea on how to turn the insights created by the data science team into easy to use and understandable visualizations. You decide to use some new libraries as they enable you to create the required insights, which are also in line with our user experience guidelines. Next you align with the designer on the UI possibilities and with the Java back-end developer on the API calls to the front end.

Finally you start programming your solution in the front-end on your own feature branch. When you commit your code, a set of tests is run automatically and when they all succeed, the code is deployed to staging environment for further manual tests. The product owner together with the rest of the team will review the new functionality and decide to promote it to development and soon after to master! Voila, a fully automated CI CD cycle.

Next to implementing new features, you continuously try out new technologies, challenge your team and rethink our development strategy and roadmap. Your input is critical to the success of each team member and that of the platform.
What we expect from you?
  • Solid CSS3, HTML5 and JS experience
  • Experience with component based frameworks or libraries (React or Angular or Vue JS, etc)
  • Experience with state management libraries like Redux, Flux, Recoil etc
  • Experience with modern web technologies and techniques such as ECMAScript 6,7 CSS pre-processors (SASS, Stylus)
  • Experience with JavaScript transpilers (Babel, TypeScript) and JavaScript build tools (WebPack, Browserify, Grunt)
  • Experience with Node.js and the NPM package ecosystem
  • Work with an agile team of developers, designers and testers
  • A passion for new technology and clean, well-engineered code
  • Knowledge of web-based APIs (Web Services, REST, JSON, XML)
  • Experience with GIT
  • Bonus Points
    • A completed Bachelor or Master’s degree in software science or a similar field
    • Experience with React JS
    • Experience with JSS
    • Experience with data visualizations
    • Experience with Play framework
    • Experience with Continuous Development and Continuous Integration
The good stuff we offer you
  • Competitive salary
  • 1 months additionally bonus
  • Health insurance
  • Friendly colleagues that will support and challenge you
  • Training & development opportunities
  • A fun and cosy workspace environment
  • Regular fun events in Kosovo and the Netherlands
Application procedure
  • Send your CV to
  • 1st Interview in the Pristina Office with the lead developer
  • Coding assignment at Home
  • 2nd Interview in the Pristina Office. If we like your code we will offer you a contract the same day and invite you to have a drink with us.

F​or all our jobs please go to the PRIME website: ​
Applications can be send to: