Do beautiful things with data.
Meet PRIME. Say hello to relevant insights.

PRIME is the intuitive data and analytics platform that empowers all business professionals to make data-informed decisions. We define and automate dashboards – powered by advanced analytics – that help you generate relevant insights and drive business value.

Our cloud-based platform is a total solution from data gathering to data preparation, analysis, visualization, insight generation and process automation. We use beautiful design, advanced data science techniques – such as statistical inference and machine learning – and the latest technology to make this happen.

Our self-service options, personalized widgets and handy collaboration tools contribute to creating a relevant, pragmatic and enjoyable working environment. Are you ready to work smart?

Analytics we use.
Descriptive analytics What happened.
Diagnostic analytics Why did it happen.
Predictive analytics What will happen.
Prescriptive analytics How can we make it happen.
Benefit from machine learning. We use self-learning algorithms to help predict demand and make reliable, repeatable decisions.
Technologies we work with.
Make it personal. Speak the language of the user.

Our goal is to make data and analytics accessible for all business professionals. We do this by putting great emphasis on design and making sure that we speak the language of the user. We keep things intuitive and clean for business managers, while empowering data experts to work with advanced features. This way, PRIME inspires all people to do beautiful things with data.

Our role-based features.
Business Manager
Data Scientist
IT Manager
Let’s talk business. Empowering business managers to make evidence-based decisions.

Managers are always looking to seize new business opportunities. They value team work, speed and business impact. The challenge for business managers is to keep looking at the bigger picture and not getting caught up in operational and administrational tasks.

Meet the Business Manager.
Philosophy: It’s all about results.
Key needs:
  • Track my personal goals (KPIs).
  • Monitor information on an aggregated level.
  • Generate proactive, relevant insights.
  • Perform actions that optimize daily business.
  • Stimulate collaboration across teams.
How PRIME helps Business Managers.
Do the math. Enabling data scientists to gain relevant insights from data.

Data scientists are data-driven problem solvers that prepare, analyze and interpret data to uncover new insights. They value advanced analyses and flexible technology. Their challenge is to gather data from a variety of sources, fully understand business needs and provide insights that drive value.

Meet the Data Scientist.
Philosophy: Connect the dots.
Key needs:
  • Have immediate access to relevant and high-quality data (instead of manual data gathering).
  • Run advanced analysis to observe data patterns and generate relevant insights.
  • Self-service: tweak the data, tailor features to my needs and apply my own models.
  • Communicate with colleagues (e.g. managers) to get direction or provide support.
How PRIME helps Data Scientists.
Use advanced filters, comparisons and statistical models to generate new insights that help to improve current processes, seize new opportunities or solve problems.
Use the power of digital. Helping IT managers to manage all things digital.

IT managers are passionate about the digital ecosystem. They value efficiency, compatibility and business impact. The challenge for IT Managers is to keep scanning new technology and decide which tools cater to the needs of the organization, while ensuring compliance and security.

Meet the IT Manager.
Philosophy: Use digital to make your life easier.
Key needs:
  • Choosing relevant tools and features that deliver value to the organization.
  • Manage the digital ecosystem.
  • Easily upscale or downscale tools in line with organizational demand.
  • Ensure security, compliance and privacy.
How PRIME helps IT Managers.
Imbue meaning.
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