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Leading companies across sectors are successfully using the power of data and analytics to improve their customer experience, business models and operations. It allows them to make data-informed decisions, create significant value and differentiate themselves from competition.

PRIME offers a range of services that cover potential data science needs of a progressive company. From inspiration and discovery sessions to shaping a pilot, implementing the PRIME platform, setting up data partnerships and getting advisory via our partner network.

Boost your skills. Improve your data and analytics capability with focused solutions.

We offer focused data and analytics solutions for specific business domains based on ‘best practices’ from past experience. These pre-defined solutions help you ask the right business questions, design relevant dashboards and identify valuable data and analytics. It’s a great way to broaden your view and spot new application areas when transitioning into a more data-informed way of working.

Our solutions. Empower all business professionals to work data-inspired.
Unleash experiences. Customer engagement.

Track customer journeys and optimize touch points.

Accelerate growth. Commercial leadership.

Increase marketing, sales and category effectiveness.

Modernize operations. Operational excellence.

Monitor key activities and make evidence-based decisions.

New digital technology is changing consumer behavior and has a profound impact on channel usage within the customer journey. Companies need to adopt a more customer-centric and omni-channel way of working in order to fulfil contemporary consumer needs. Ensuring a relevant and seamless customer experience across all channels is the way to do this.

Unleash experiences. Track and optimize customer journeys.
If companies want to offer highly engaging and effective customer experiences, they need to look at the data that is underlying consumer touch points. PRIME offers an intuitive solution that helps companies measure, monitor and analyze customer journeys in real-time and optimize customer experiences based on data-informed insights.
  • Which journey paths are (different types of) customers typically using?
  • Which journey paths are leading to the highest conversion?
  • What are the conversion and dropout rates per journey step?
  • What are customer pain points and how can we fix them?
  • How satisfied are our (different types of) customers?
  • Customer journey building
  • Customer journey data connecting (across systems)
  • Customer journey monitoring
  • Customer journey analytics
  • Automated, next best actions

The commercial functions are changing rapidly. Today, companies are able to better understand their customers needs due to digital technology and analytics. Based on data-informed insights, they can build focused offerings, launch targeted campaigns and create personalized experiences.

Accelerate growth. Increase marketing, sales and category effectiveness.
It is no secret that brands with strong digital capabilities, a solid customer experience and a high level of brand advocacy achieve substantially higher revenue growth than the industry average. PRIME offers effective data and analytics solutions that help companies do just that.
Problems we solve
  • What is our brand awareness and preference?
  • How to optimize our advertising spent?
  • What is our campaign return on investment?
  • What is our total marketing return on investment?
  • What is the future value of our customer base?
  • What does our sales funnel look like?
  • How to qualify leads?
  • How can we increase conversion rates?
  • What is our sales effectiveness?
  • What are strong cross and up-sell opportunities?
  • What promotions should we offer?
  • How to optimize our pricing levels?
  • How to optimize our product assortment?
  • How to increase our store performance?
Solutions we offer
  • Share of attention analysis
  • Channel optimization
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Campaign and marketing effectiveness assessment
  • Customer lifetime value assessment
  • Sales funnel monitoring
  • Lead scoring analysis
  • Conversion analysis
  • Sales effectiveness assessment
  • Cross and up-sell analysis
  • Promotion optimization
  • Pricing optimization
  • Assortment optimization
  • Demand forecasting
  • Basket analysis
  • Store analysis

New digital technology enables companies to increase the speed, quality and cost efficiency of their operations. Revolutionary technology – such as robotics and internet of things (IoT) – combined with powerful data and analytics have enabled a fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Modernize operations. Monitor key activities and make evidence-based decisions.
When it comes to data and analytics, it’s not just manufacturing that is modernizing. In Supply Chain, increasingly dynamic chains demand a higher level of (partner) collaboration, which impacts the way companies use analytics and share data. In Procurement, volatile markets require reliable demand forecasts, real-time insight in coverage and easy market price monitoring to ensure cost efficiency. PRIME offers relevant dashboards, predictive analytics and process automation tools that help companies to modernize operations and ensure effectiveness.
Problems we solve
  • How to optimize demand planning?
  • How to monitor global coverage and contract volumes?
  • How to increase performance?
  • How to outperform the market?
  • How to set up demand-based supply chains?
  • How to optimize stock levels?
  • How to monitor partner services?
Solutions we offer
  • Demand forecasting
  • Exposure risk analysis
  • Market performance optimization
  • Future price prediction
  • Demand forecasting
  • Stock optimization
  • Process monitoring and evaluation
Expand your horizon.
Cross borders. Start a data partnership and expand your ecosystem.

Some companies have too much data and struggle to find the time to do anything with it. Others don’t have enough data and are willing to invest in it, so that they can make better decisions.

PRIME stimulates data partnerships in case of such win-win situations, functioning as the independent data and analytics platform between multiple companies in a value chain or ecosystem

We facilitate the data partnership process, manage permissions and provide the required support.

Be advised. Benefit from our partner network with industry-specific experts.

PRIME is designed as a self-service solution, which means you have full control (e.g. create new dashboards) and allows you to personalize widgets to your needs. Should you desire additional support, then we offer tailored training and advisory services in collaboration with our partners. We work with industry-specific experts that are that are highly skilled in working with PRIME.

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